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Milagre Church XVIth century
Milagre Church XVIth century
Dating back to the l2th/l3th century but rebuilt in the l6th century, the former church of St. Estevão became a beautiful temple of three naves, with wooden ceiling and tuscan columns which date back to the l6th and l7th centuries.
The church keeps the holy ampulla where the miraculous host is kept, and has also four beautiful paintings representing the holy miracle, which happened in the l3th century.
On the walls there are beautiful glazed tiles from the l6th and l7th centuries.
On the right side is the grave of princess Maria da Assunção, sister of D. Miguel, who died in 1833 during the civil war.
ln the middle of the church there are two graves with coat of arms, one of João Cunha Oliveira and the other of Francisco Franco (l643) and others which are difficult to identify.
    The front of the church is uncharacteristic, but at the east top of the roof there is a conical spire in glazed tiles.

in Octávio Mendes. Santarém Monumental.
Santarém: 1988


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